Advice from the Pediatrician


Two weeks ago my baby turned two-months old.  We “celebrated” by bringing her to the doctor for her shots.  It was traumatic for my husband and me.  I’ve never heard my baby wail like that.

But this isn’t really the topic of my blog.

Later on, we were chatting with the pediatrician and we mentioned that Mae had her first babysitter within the last week.  Mid-thought, she stopped and congratulated us.  She went on to explain how important it is that my husband and I take time to connect as a couple WITHOUT our child.  She said that keeping the relationship healthy is so beneficial to our child’s life.

At this point in the conversation, she didn’t know my employer.  So I let her continue, because I was loving every second of it.

She then described how once she even wrote a prescription for a couple that said, “Get a babysitter, and go on a date”.

So A) I know I’m seeing the right pediatrician and B) I’m so thankful that’s she’s spreading this advice to families she sees.

So, if it’s been a while since your last night out with your spouse, call in that favor a friend offered not long ago, or snag that neighbor kid that loves on your kiddos every chance she gets to watch the crew.  It’s time for a date.

Doctor’s orders.