Caught in the Act

ImageA few weeks ago my family and I went to King’s Island for a day of high flying fun and excitement.  We rode the usual rides and even spent time at the water park, but the most exciting ride of the day ended up being a kid’s ride.  The ride is called Boo Blasters and each pair of riders sits in a tilt-a-whirl type car and is taken through a slow moving maze as skeletons and ghosts attempt to frighten riders.  We were supposed to be shooting at them and earning points.  Not interested in point earning, my husband and I snuggled together in our dark, private oasis (the kids had paired off in a car ahead of us) and chatted.  Then my husband leaned over and gave me a little kiss.  A few moments later he leaned towards me again and gave me an even better kiss.  It wasn’t like we were “making out” or anything, but a voice came into our car and said, “Please keep your hands on the bar in front of you and face forward.  This is a family ride.”  Needless to say, we were mortified.  Big brother (or small teenager as was the case) was watching and we were busted!  Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.  And we ended up earning 65 points killing ghosts!