I Wear Granny Panties

I’ve noticed subtle changes in my life now that I’m a mom.

  • I’ve learned in a pinch my baby’s lotion will do when my face lotion is all.  the way.  upstairs.
  • All my pretty yet comfy under-things?  Replaced by a pack of undies that cost the same as what I once paid for one pair.  And my utilitarian nursing bra fits just fine, thank you.
  • I always thought that when I became a mom, I wasn’t going to be one of those parents that talk in the third person.  But Kylee has been doing it quite frequently.
  •  ‘Clean’ is now relative.  (Clean hair, house, clothes, baby, dishes and so on).
  • I have a huge stack of glossy fashion magazines that I once had a subscription to.  I was behind before Little Miss arrived.  I am now exactly a year behind.  To be fair I have a large stack of un-read parenting magazines, too.  Reading has become a luxury.
  • I’m even more thankful now for the vacuum I got for Christmas than I was when I opened it.  I spend a lot of time on the ground.
  • And my relationship with my husband has changed.  He still is the goofy, sneaky charmer he’s always been.  But now, not only do we now make decisions as a couple, but as a mom and a dad.  We tackle problems and come up with solutions as mom and dad.  Sure, we have to be more strategic in getting out of the house, but it sure is fun showing off this product of US.