Pardon the Interruption

We now interrupt this marriage to bring you football season! It’s a sign I saw on spring break that I knew would be appropriate fall decor at our house.  And I was right. Fall is here, and along with it FoOtBaLL! I LOVE fall for many reasons- my birthday, bonfires, colorful leaves, school supplies, apple orchards, and hayrides. Notice football is not on my list? Well it’s at the top of my husband’s.  At our house there is no rivalry between blue & gold or green & white. We live in Gator country- apparently our blood here is supposed to run blue & orange.  That just sounds gross.


If the Florida Gators are on TV then our entire family schedule is moved around it accordingly.  My husband (Drew) apparently thinks that his screams and advice are taken back into the TV and transported to the boys on the field.  When the commentators parrot back something he had said only seconds before, he points at the TV like, “SEE?!”  I’m worried that he really thinks this is an interactive relationship.


This year I believe there are two separate weekends scheduled for a Gators pilgrimage to both Florida and Tennessee.  I have not been invited. Apparently I don’t have enough Gator in me. Oh well, my fantasy football picks are Tim Tebow, cute hoodie sweatshirts, and yummy snacks, so I’ll just throw my own girls movie night while he is gone, complete with a Tim Tebow cardboard cut out.


So what interruptions do you guys have in your marriage? Are you handling it with humor and making the most of it or is it causing a bit of a rift between you? For us, we have made it fun.  If I want to join him for “quality time” during a game I bring a book or computer or do some scrapbooking. I’m on the snack and decor committee so it all works out fabulously. 


My only word of warning is to make sure if you have a hobby only one of you enjoys, that you remember to bring the team back together in other intentional ways. Pardon the interruption- is part of a healthy marriage, just make sure not to let anything become a major interruption in your marriage. I’m going to go try to fit the following expressions into conversation that is sure to sound unnatural, but I’m trying. Feel free to borrow any of these “doozies” for your next Monday night football party.


* “Hey, I’m going fourth-and-down to the store. Do you need anything?”

* “Can I make you a super-bowl of chili while you watch the game?”

* “There’s no penalty for holding on this couch, it could also lead to a touchdown later.”

* “I’m going to hit-the-sack, I’d prefer my alone time to be NFL (not for long).”