Facebook Thanksgiving Trend

I noticed a lot of my Facebook friends doing an “I’m thankful for” post every day this month.  Since I’m not on Facebook daily (but close, sadly) and due to a ‘mommy brain’, there’s no way I’d remember to post every day.

Buuuuuuut, I have a blog post due at the end of the month!  Boom!  Blog post idea.

And in no specific order, what I’m thankful for:

  1. Grace.  I don’t deserve His love.
  2. A loving, patient and quirky husband.
  3. My little girl.
  4. Baby giggles.
  5. Modern technology – specifically the ability Skype or to instantly send and receive pictures or videos with family in a galaxy far, far away (okay, Minnesota).
  6. Friends who have survived the distance of years and miles.
  7. The smell of burning leaves—or wood burning stoves.
  8. A workplace I look forward to being at every day.
  9. Coworkers who truly care about me and my family.
  10. Parents with a healthy marriage.
  11. Health insurance.
  12. Rainy, dreary days.
  13. My sisters.
  14. Our daycare.  They’re amazing.
  15. People who have taken a chance on me (my husband, employers, friends, coaches and the like).
  16. Autumn.
  17. That I still have 2 grandparents alive.
  18. A mini-vacation coming up in March to watch some WCHA hockey.
  19. That winter is here: bring on the Christmas music!
  20. Target.
  21. That I’m going to be an auntie.
  22. Fleece sheets.
  23. Watching my baby grin like lunatic at anything my husband does.
  24. Staying connected with far away friends and family through social media.
  25. Our neighborhood.  It’s like Mayberry.  No joke.
  26. Chocolate.  Especially if caramel or nuts are involved.
  27. Music.
  28. Pictures & picture albums.
  29. A non-leaking roof over our heads, a working furnace and air conditioner, electricity and running, clean water.
  30. Volleyball.