Do Gifts Matter?

Last week, I was at grad school waiting for class to start when the teacher asked how many people had their Christmas shopping started, how many were halfway done, and how many people were completely done- with everything wrapped! I was shocked when over half the class raised their hand and said they were done with presents already wrapped. Now, I’m not a procrastinator by any means, but for goodness sake- it wasn’t even December yet!

Gift Giving Blog PostIn any event, I brought up this conversation at MMJ yesterday. We got on the subject of presents for our husbands and I stated that Nick and I were thinking about not exchanging this year in an effort to save a bit of money. Shelby quickly interjected and pleaded with me not to start this tradition. She said even if we put a small limit on how much we spend, it’s important to give one another a small gift. Otherwise, it may turn into, “hey, honey- let’s not exchange this year. Let’s just buy this lawn mower instead. That can be our gift!” Umm, how romantic, right?!

I’ve asked a couple of other people about it and another woman said that their exchange is her favorite part of Christmas; she loves to see his eyes light up when she thought of something to buy that he didn’t expect but really loves.


So, I want to know- what do you and your spouse do? Do you opt out of exchanging gifts? Set a budget? Or do you go out of your way to get something truly special for your spouse? I would love to hear your experience!