Would you want to be married to you?

Bride Holding Bouquet Of Flowers

“Would you want to be married to you?”  I recently heard a marriage expert pose this question and it got me thinking, would I?  I’m kind of a neat freak, I’m not a wonderful cook, and I truly enjoy watching the Real Housewives of every city in America.  Who wants to be married to that?  Thankfully, my husband does.  The truth is we all have weird, irritating, quirky things about us that almost no one can love.  But coupled with the good stuff, (I like cleaning the house and I’m quite handy with a scrapbook) the bad stuff is tolerable.  If you had to be perfect in order to be married, no one would be married.  We are often quick to point out the faults of our spouse, but some careful self-reflection may reveal a fault or two about us.  The point this expert was making is to put more energy into making you the best you that you can be and you’ll be a better spouse.  Say that five time real fast.

I can’t change anyone but me and the more I realize and appreciate all of the good stuff about my spouse, and focus on improving me, the better off we’ll both be.