Finding a Balance

Like so many people last week, I tuned in to watch Oprah’s interview with Lance Armstrong. As I watched this heroic figure fall from grace, my thoughts and curiosity turned to his ex-wife, Kristin. Perhaps it’s the nature of my job, but I wanted to know more about the woman behind the man and their marriage. After a quick Google search, I stumbled upon an article that Kristin wrote for Glamour magazine titled, “What I Wish I Had Known About Marriage.”

In the article, Kristin, stated she “paid more attention to the rock on her left hand than to readying her heart for the journey ahead” and discusses how she gave up her independence after getting married and trying to please her husband and in doing so, lost part of herself.

It made me wonder: is this a common fear among women? Is this why women are delaying marriage? Studies are finding that women are getting married later in life, likely because they are more concerned with pursuing their education, a career, and life experience than their single status. Does this tie in to the fear that they will lose themselves after marriage?

As both a newlywed and a woman who got married in my late twenties, I suppose this article resonated with me more than some; however, I feel that the underlying message Kristin gives is relevant to EVERYONE who is married. She states that in order to have a healthy marriage, husbands and wives have to find a balance between pleasing their partner and staying true to themselves. There isn’t anything wrong with making sacrifices and working together, but as long as each person can hold onto themselves, and it’s a mutual experience of growth, then that’s the beautiful part. That’s the point.