MMJ’s New Single Woman

My name is Ashley Morris. I am not a wife or anything along those lines. For those of you who read this blog and are not married, I represent you. I am MMJ’s new intern so a few months this spot blog will be “The 5 wives & the single intern.” I officially have 10 weeks until graduation from Spring Arbor University, but who’s counting? I am a Marketing Major and an internship is required in my field of study. As my senior year sneaked up I decided it was time to buckle down and find an internship. Let me tell you, finding this position has been an answer to prayer (and they aren’t paying me to say this, in fact they aren’t paying me at all but I still love it here).

Although not married, I am in a relationship with a wonderful man. But Marriage Matters Jackson is so great because it’s not only for those who are married — it’s also for people trying to build a healthy relationship. I have had the privilege to attend MMJ’s P.I.C.K.-a-Partner Workshop with my volleyball team during my sophomore year in college. I highly recommend this workshop or other MMJ’s workshops for dating people to those who are single AND/OR in a relationship. It was such an eye opening experience, and I walked away with such valuable information.

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Behind the scenes at MMJ:

In case you wonder what it’s like here, every day is a whole new experience at MMJ! When I first trained MMJ’s Jaci Marken (now on maternity leave) one of my first questions was, “What is your daily routine?” She giggled and said, “I don’t really have one.” Literally, as the marketing coordinator/intern, I find myself doing one task and then two minutes later you have another task. But I would rather be too busy, then do nothing at all so this place is the perfect fit. I have experienced a lot of “real life” marketing skills; some days I will create e-blasts, design a postcard, update the MMJ website, or dink around on the Facebook page, etc.

MMJ is a place is full of smiles, belly laughs, and funny jokes because this staff loves life and feels passionate about their work. It is such a great environment to work in and I am glad I can spend my “internship hours” here (and they didn’t pay me to say that either).