Looks like we made it!


MMJ grew by “two feet” last week with the arrival of Max David Marken, the beautiful new son of MMJ’s Jaci Marken and her wonderful husband Brandon.  This blissful news got me thinking about all of the life changes we go through.  Some fun…some not so fun.  At some point in our marriage we will all face things like having children, health issues, relocation, aging parents and empty nesting.  The question is how do we not just survive, but thrive through these times?  While there is no one size fits all answer, most experts agree that open, honest communication is key and renewing our sense of commitment to each other and to the marriage is what brings us to the other side of these life changes better and stronger than we were before.  It’s the ability to look back and say hey, we got through all that and kept it together.  Pat yourself and your spouse on the back today for making it through YOUR life changes!