Birthday Lesson

no more studying!A few weeks ago was my birthday.  My husband was scheduled to head out of town for work on my actual birthday.  So he came home from work two days before the big day announcing we were going out.

A year ago?  This would have worked perfectly.  I would have stopped what I was doing and would start debating where we should go.

But now?  Going out?! I had already started dinner!  And I need to get her bottles and bits washed up and I need to get all her meals ready for tomorrow.  Oh!  And have you looked at her?  Girl needs a BATH!  Plus, if we’re going out, that means I’ve got to get everything ready for whoever is going to watch her while we’re out. <Big exhale>.

In record time, we got what I had started for dinner put up and all of the ‘to-do’ items checked off and were out the door.  I remember saying something along the lines of, “I really appreciate the thought behind this, but that?  Was no fun.”

Wife of the Year!

Truth is, after we finished our meal out, I realized how NICE it was to be out and to know the babe was well taken care of.  (Yes, I made sure to thank my husband for convincing me to go out.)   I also was reminded that it had been a LONG TIME since we had ourselves a date night and I felt ashamed that I allowed this to happen.  I really do know better.

So I guess the moral of this story is:  Spontaneity is dead.  Just kidding–I need to make a conscious effort to make sure my husband knows I value him more than I do my to-do list.  Oh, and Date Night?  We’ll see you again soon.