Don’t Date

Remember me? I’m Ashley, the intern here at Marriage Matters Jackson. As I pondered on what to write about, numerous ideas were flashing through my head. I had the urge to do something bold and a little more personal.

So here it is: “DO NOT DATE.”Image

Now, when you read that statement you must think I’m crazy for saying this because how do you find “the one” if you don’t date? Okay, I’ll amend my statement:  Do not date until after high school.

Now that I am 22 years old, I’ve been through the stages of constantly dating in my life and now looking back, I kind of regret it.  I made a mistake—I dated way too much.

I can honestly say that I have had a boyfriend since kindergarten. These relationships were not just 3 weeks long, break up and then find a new one. Oh no! I dated the same boy from kindergarten through 5th grade, and then proceeded to have another boyfriend throughout middle school and I had several long relationships in high school, continuing throughout college.  BUT WHY?

It was a waste of money, time, and opportunity to learn about myself. I constantly put all my effort into my boyfriend, and missed out on some pretty epic times. Now, don’t get me wrong I do believe in “high school sweethearts.” If you got it, keep it.

I believe the time will come, when that perfect one will walk into your life and you will know when it will be right. So I encourage you to wait patiently and not feel the need to be in a relationship. Learn about yourself and live a little.