Save the Last Dance For Me

So, the glitter has been swept up, prom dresses have been put away, the corsages wilted, but the memories of that great night almost 2 weeks ago live on! Marriage Matters Jackson’s first ever grown up prom was a hit! We dined, danced, and donated the night away! I loved seeing so many couples get all gussied up and act like teenagers again.


A few of our lovely couples dancing the night away!

Really that’s what I had in mind with throwing a grown up prom! Why should teenagers have all the fun? You rarely, if ever, see your high school prom date again so it was virtually a waste of a tiny waist and a can of aquanet on that guy. Remember back then dreaming about your “forever guy” when you heard songs like, “Heaven In Your Eyes” or “Hungry Eyes” at a school dance or on the radio? Guys you know you watched Top Gun and dreamed up your own “Take My Breath Away” scene with your “forever girl.” Well, the problem is we find our forever someone and our wedding day sometimes becomes the death of pomp and circumstance and romance for each other! It’s all about comfort, and elastic-waist pants. We forget to make special nights and memories with each other. It was my dream to give us all a chance to have a magical night out with that special person we have shared our past with, and promise our future to.  Couples made musical requests for “our song” and I loved watching them take the dance floor to dance again in celebration of their life together.  The couple married the longest, 47 years, was crowned our MMJ Prom King & Queen!  They requested “My Girl” then all the other couples joined the dance floor after they got the dance started. 

I saw so many wonderful pictures and facebook posts from attendees who had such a great night together at MMJ’s prom!  My heart is so full of excitement that all the hard work of this awesome MMJ staff paid off! My only regret for our staff is that while we were so busy making sure everyone else had the night of their lives, we were forced to blow off or put to work our own spouses.  My sweet husband was so fun in building up the excitement with me about prom- I did an official invite for him and made a cheesy frame for our prom picture we would take! He bought me a beautiful wrist corsage and looked so handsome!  Sadly we only got one slow dance and never got our picture together. Not one. Spray tan and amazing shoes & dress and no memories of us together.  It all just went by so fast…now I want to make it up to him. I’m looking for a disco ball and maybe I’ll try to transform the garage into our own personal prom! Complete with making out in the minivan afterward- my parents would have no problem with that now. The kids might though…

Oh well, MY marriage matters!