What do you want from us?

At MMJ your needs matter, so as we plan the months ahead,  we want to hear from you about what you want from us. In thesuggestion box next 12 months, we plan to offer some affordable (as in $5 or $10) community presentations on key marriage issues. For example, this fall I’m planning to speak to “How to Make Your Marriage Survive Parenting,” because we know no matter how much we love those kids of ours, they can put stress on our marriage. And yet, being in a healthy marriage is one of the best things we can do for our kids.

We’ve been looking at some other topics too, take a look, tell us what you think or add your ideas.

Possible Community Presentation Ideas:

  • Where did the sex go?
  • Midlife and Marriage
  • Special Needs Kids = Special Needs Marriage

Remember, we read EVERYTHING you send, plus even if you respond with just “yes, I like your idea on parenting and marriage,” you will be put in a drawing for free tickets to attend. So come on, tell us what you want from us?