Hi-ho, hi-ho, it’s off to camp we go!

ImageI just booked our first camping trip for the summer and I am pumped!  Although I have to admit that it’s kind of an exaggeration to really call it camping.  My pop up camper, while small and not fancy, has queen size beds, heated mattresses for chilly nights, air conditioning for hot days, a mini fridge, a stove, and yes…a potty.  So it’s not exactly roughing it, but for years, we tent camped and a few years ago we decided that we were officially campers and upgraded. Why do I love it so much?  Not the packing or the shopping or the cooking or the work to put up and take down the camper—it’s the quiet that I love.  Not that we are quiet people (anyone who knows us knows that is not the case), but there is no TV and no computer—just the Rockwell inspired background noise of kids laughing and campfires crackling.  In our fast paced, highly electronic lives, I am truly energized by the “natural” noise that camping offers.  I’m a city girl so I wasn’t always excited about camping, but I have come to love perpetually dusty feet, terrible water pressure and burnt hot dogs.  Camping is not for everyone, but I think everyone should have a “quiet” place to enjoy. 

Where is yours?