Separate but equal?

This past March, I had a fantastic vacation.  I got to spend time with my sister and meet my brand new niece.  I also stayed vacationing ladywith a life-long friend and did some shopping, talking and watched some frustrating hockey (my team lost TOO early).

This vacation?  Was by myself.  The hubby and baby stayed home, under Grandma’s watchful eye.

In our nearly 8 years of marriage, we’ve taken a handful of separate vacations.  Each time we each have experienced a great time away and are eager to reunite when we return.  The truth is we have some separate interests and friends and it often is a relief when we DON’T have to participate as a couple.  Neither of us consider this a time to escape the other.  It’s more like we’re taking turns getting R&R while the other holds down the fort.  And these trips don’t replace vacations we take together or as a family–it’s more of an extra added bonus.

Have you ever taken a separate vacation from your spouse?  Would you do it again?

What do you think of the concept?  Selfish?  Innovative?  Difficult?  A refreshing twist?