To Go or Not To Go?

So, my ten year class reunion is coming up (Gah! 10 years?! Where did the time go?!) and because I was class secretary, I’m on the planning committee for the event.


As Nick and I were talking about the upcoming reunion, I let him know that he was off the hook and did not have to go. After all, we didn’t go to the same high school, so he would hardly know anyone there (aside from my best friends and their husbands) and I’m afraid he would be bored and have to sit off to the side while I reminisce, swap stories and share inside jokes with my old classmates.

However, Nick surprised me (and earned major husband bonus points) by mentioning he would like to go! Of course I would love to show off my hottie of a husband to everyone, but is that fair to Nick? Will he have a good time?

So, I turn to you, the readers, for your thoughts and opinions. If you went to a different school than your spouse, did you go to their reunion? Did you love it? Hate it? Vowed never to go again? Let me know!