Wet & wild wedding!

ImageLast weekend my husband and I had the pleasure of witnessing our dear friends tie the knot.  It was a beautiful outdoor ceremony complete with a lush grassy hill and rose-covered trellis.  About five minutes into the ceremony, the rain began—and it didn’t stop for five hours!  As all 150 guests rushed to the dinner tent, all I could wonder was how is the bride doing?  Every girl imagines her “perfect” wedding and storm clouds and a driving rain are usually not a part of the dream.  Despite the many puddles, on-the-spot rearrangements, and mud (lots of mud) this wonderful woman and her amazing new husband remained calm, poised and wore genuine smiles through it all.  The moral of this story?  It’s not the wedding that matters, it’s the marriage that matters. The ability to go with the flow is an art that many of us have not perfected and I applaud those who are naturally skilled in this area.  As for the wet & wild wedding, the rain finally stopped and we all had a great time dancing the night away!  At the end of the day, our friends were husband & wife and now they have a great story to tell their kids!