Lessons From Vacation

ImageThis past June our family was able to spend some time on vacation.  We got to see family, friends and soak up the sun.  Our time away wasn’t without its hiccups.  And so, here are a few lessons learned from our time spent on vacation.

1. Be very careful with your poolside paperback.  Water and books don’t mix.  Especially if it’s from the library.

2. The ocean can be unforgiving.  On a related note: pack a first aid kit.

3. Plan for extra travel time.  Summer=construction in all parts of our nation.  Click here for a website we should have looked into before our travels.

4. Two piece bathing suits are nice for baby on the beach.  Swim diapers are a trap for sand.  Being able to drop the bottoms, hose baby down and change into a sand-free diaper was slick.

5. The final lesson was from said paperback that fell victim to my negligence.  I was reading the fiction novel, “Firefly Island” by Lisa Wingate.  In it, two sisters were having a conversation about marriage and one of the comments really resonated with me.

“Just remember, if you’re going to argue, argue against the point and not the person.  You can change your position on a point, but once you step over that line and criticize who he is, you can’t go back.”

Can I get an “Amen!”?  I think the advice is great not only for when conflict happens and I’m arguing a point, but when I’m on the RECEIVING end of a complaint.  I should remind myself that he’s not attacking ME, but rather his point.  It’s important for us to keep the right perspective.  My husband is more important that any silly fight.  And after an argument, I want for him to know and feel that way.  Thanks, Lisa!

p.s.  The rest of the book (and series) was great!  I recommend!

p.p.s. I have dutifully replaced the ruined book at my library.  And so, I have a wavy-paged, puffed-up copy if you’d like to borrow it.