The First Year of Marriage is Always the Hardest

On Sunday, Nick and I celebrated our one year wedding anniversary. I know, right?! One year? Already? It seems like just yesterday I walked down the aisle to him and we exchanged “I Do.”

Kalamazoo, MI Wedding Photography - Liza & Nick - © Dan Stewart Photography

Well, in some ways it seems like yesterday. In other ways, it seems as though we have been married for a long time. We fit together so naturally, I can hardly remember a time when he wasn’t the first person I saw when I woke up and the last person I saw before I went to bed.

Before Nick and I were married, we had heard the old warning that the first year of marriage is always the hardest. Well, that certainly may be true for some couples, but if this was supposed to be the hardest time we’ll go through, then bring on the next fifty years!

I’m not saying our first year of marriage was perfect; we definitely had a few bumpy spots, especially the first few months as we adjusted living together for the first time. But I’m so thankful that we used those moments of adjustment to communicate, reach a mutual understanding, and grow in our love together.

Looking back on our wedding day, I thought my heart was so full I was going to burst; I couldn’t imagine loving Nick anymore than I already did on that day. But, I was wrong. As we continue on our journey through life together, I find myself falling more and more in love with Nick as each day passes. It’s not only in the happy moments, either; when we face obstacles together, the respect and admiration I have for my husband grows, too.

Happy anniversary, my love! One down, forever to go!

Kalamazoo, MI Wedding Photography - Liza & Nick - © Dan Stewart Photography