Thanks for not leaving me

ImageWhile I’m thankful for my husband every day, I was just telling some friends about a time in my marriage when I was especially thankful.  It was about six months after the birth of our second child and I was, well…frumpy.  I was a full time mommy with a limited wardrobe (mostly sweatpants), no energy for exercise, and no money for a fancy diet plan.  At that time we were part of a couples group that met once a month for fellowship and marriage enrichment.  The topic of the night was gratitude and we each expressed to our spouse something for which we felt grateful.  At that moment, I was most thankful that my husband wasn’t hung up on looks and was truly loving me through that awkward “I just had a baby and I have a toddler at home” phase that so many of us go through.  Not that any man (or woman) deserves an award for not walking out when their spouse gains weight, goes bald, or gets cranky, but my hubby never said a word about my comfy terry cloth sweat suits and my extra curvy physique — and I will forever be grateful for it.  Sometimes it’s the little things I’m grateful for and sometimes it’s the big stuff, but every day I try to be grateful for something or someone. 

Who or what are you grateful for today?