Post-Vacation Funk

Pool partyI read an article in the newspaper yesterday and the reporter was talking about vacations and all that happens surrounding taking one. He talked about the re-entry aspect where we’re divided on our experiences of coming off a vacation.  Some are refreshed and ready to jump back in with a renewed sense of purpose. Others are drained by the preparation it took just to go on vacation and then the catch up once back is depressing.  He explained one feeling I have experienced but couldn’t identify until he said it: no matter how much you love your job (and I adore mine!) there is something difficult about jumping back in after you’ve disconnected from work mode and connected so closely with your family again.

We just returned from a glorious week away in the Wisconsin Dells. We had a fantastic time together with my immediate family as well as my dad and sister’s family. I basked in sleeping in, laughing, playing, and cuddling together. We did whatever we wanted whenever we wanted.

The start of this work week was an abrupt end, as we all headed our separate ways.  I fell into a little bit of a funk.  Sports schedules and school starting looms over our heads and is dictating our every move. I love fall and love our life, but this article helped me understand, I was having a little post-vacay blues.  I walked by my husband Drew last night while he was watering my flowers and I hugged him and said I missed him this week after having had so much quality time the week before.  I guess the blues just snuck in when I found myself telling the kids I couldn’t play right now because we had laundry or house cleaning to do.

Now that I know where this funk came from, maybe I’ll use it to remind myself to look for spots in our busy everyday life to enjoy stay-cation moments.  Leave the laundry unfolded for a bit and go ride bikes.  Put the laptop away and talk about our day on the porch swing. Oh poor Drew I can just see him trying to mow the lawn while I insist on walking alongside holding hands. Marriage Matters!