The Joy of the Refresh Button

refresh buttonOne of my favorite childhood memories is back to school time.  My mom and I would go buy all new pens, pencils, folders, socks and clothes for the start of the school year and it was wonderful.  I’m a little dorky, I know, but the thrill is still there for me every year when I get my own kids ready for another year of their childhood.  For me, it’s all about the fresh start.  The newness of supplies is like the newness of friendships that have been dormant for three months.  Both are refreshed and ready to take on whatever comes next.

Sometimes I wish there was a refresh button for life.  When we’ve said something hurtful or been hurt by someone we love, it would be so nice to just erase it all and start things over again.  Maybe that’s why I love the start of the school year so much.  It’s not really about the paper or the pens (although a great pen does fire me up) it’s about a shot at redemption.  It gives us a chance to do away with bad habits and start new, better ones and allows us the chance to become the best version of ourselves…again.  I would like to think we all have a refresh button and just need to use it more often.  As for my kids, one delights in the joy of the back to school experience and one despises it.  Can’t win ‘em all.