A Message for Kim Kardashian

ImageI dabble in current events.  I have a vague idea what’s going on in the world.  Vague.  Let’s not forget I have a 1-year old at home.

I’ve heard Kim Kardashian has not yet made a public appearance and she is waiting to get to a certain weight (and probably a number I haven’t seen on the scale since junior high) before the big reveal.

About 16 months ago, after my babe entered this world, I remember when my friend’s husband took the time to tell me that I looked great.  Even with my pants stretched to their limit and my hair all un-did, it felt wonderful to hear his compliment.

Since then, I’ve made a conscious effort to let new moms how great they look.  It’s NEVER a lie.  And to prove this, I’ve created a scoring sheet for those not yet versed in dealing with new mommies.

  • She just GREW a baby and then had to push it out?  Bravo!
  • Wait.  She’s out of the house?  10 points.
  • No tears?  High-five.
  • Not in her jammies? And are those CLEAN clothes?  Two thumbs up.
  • Is that make-up?  Is your hair done?  And is that minty fresh breath yours?  A+

Being a new mom is challenging.  Your life takes on new meaning and purpose and sometimes our bodies take a while to catch up to this change.

So Kim–and any other new mom: you really do look great.  What you just accomplished is nothing short of a miracle.  And sometimes getting the new addition out of the house and to the grocery store is just as miraculous.  Your effort, your glow and your hard work keeping that baby ALIVE is simply gorgeous.