Surviving the Super Bowl

This weekend marks the end of the NFL season: which means the SUPER BOWLImage

Like many men, my husband loves to watch football.  I like to read while he’s watching.  Mark will get my attention when I need to see a fantastic replay and I’ll pop my head up when I hear the crowd cheering.  I enjoy watching grown men doing a celebration dance.  So silly.  In fact, this year I willingly joined a fantasy football league that he “helped me with” (read: took over).

Anyways, I realized that perhaps the Super Bowl may not be something all wives look forward to—or even tolerate.  So I put together a few ideas to try help you enjoy your Sunday evening a little more.

  1. Feign interest.  Here’s some basic information.  The Seattle Seahawks are playing the Denver Broncos at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey.  The game starts at 6:30 EST on FOX.  Both teams are 15-3 (15 wins; 3 losses).  Seattle is known for their defense and an obnoxious cornerback who made a huge play two weekends ago.  Denver is known for their quarterback: Peyton Manning.  Go here for basic rules of football.  And if you really want to be sneaky, keep your Twitter feed on the #superbowl hashtag.  Throw out a couple of comments you read and see if you can impress/trick him.
  2. Put on a nice spread.  Yes, I’m trying to watch my waistline, too.  But there are certain occasions that the diet is put on hold: dinner with a friend, birthdays, and holidays—and for some men, the Super Bowl is an important one.  So carb-it-up this weekend.  Make some tasty meatballs.  Throw a mouthwatering queso for dipping in a crockpot.  Wings, beer, chili, cookies, onion rings—go crazy.  Do a quick Google search for Super Bowl menu or check out Pinterest for cute and creative ideas.  The sky’s the limit.
  3. Plan some games.  Games that include guessing commercial content or what announcers say during the game help keep my interest throughout the night.  I’ll probably be borrowing from this list from Taste of Home I found.
  4. Misery loves company?  Invite peeps over (Hey!  We have no plans yet!).  During the boring parts you can catch up with friends.  Or eat more.
  5. Be a good sport.  If this still sounds super painful, maybe ask if you can do something uninteresting for him next weekend—like a chick flick or shopping.