Valentine’s Day Tips

My name is Lyndsay Murray, and I am not a wife.

Lyndsay Murray

I’m actually an intern at Marriage Matters Jackson this spring. I’m a senior at Spring Arbor University majoring in advertising and public relations. I received this spectacular opportunity to work with these wonderful five wives about a month ago. Kylee is my assistant volleyball coach, and, knowing she worked for MMJ, I inquired about a possible internship. The pieces seemed to fit together perfectly. The result? I am now working alongside these wonderful ladies for the next four months.

Although I am not a wife, I am dating. I’ve been in a relationship for over a year now, and there’s one thing that intermittently occupies my thoughts around the second week of February. It’s that pesky holiday called Valentine’s Day. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not anti-love, against holidays, or anything of the sort. It’s just, I swear it was Christmas a week ago, right? I’m pretty sure all my creativity went out the window- and all my money went with it (or it could just be that my college bill came in the mail). Either way, I want to show my man that I love him and appreciate him, but I sure don’t have the money to buy him those Sperry shoes he’s wanted since Christmas.

For those of you who still want to show the man in your life that he’s still the man in your life, here are a few ways to do so without buying him new Sperry shoes.

For the “Manly Man”: Let’s say you cut out a thousand tiny pictures of yourself and your man, glued them together on a board, and it made a mirage of a larger picture of you two. Would your husband/boyfriend be impressed? If not, then you probably don’t want to waste your time.  Instead, go the stomach route.

  • Get him one of his favorite items for every year you’ve been together.
  • Cook him dinner and put a note on each course! The best way to make something small seem bigger is to phrase it correctly.
  • Buy him some items he likes and play up the words. I’m coo coo for you! (cocoa puffs). Be as cheesy as you feel comfortable being.

For the “Sensitive Man”: Let’s say your man would appreciate a thousand little pictures of you two, but you don’t exactly have the time or the talent for that either. Try a few less pictures!

  • has a great and affordable calendar app that you can create. I have one—they’re awesome!
  •  Start a scrapbook! It doesn’t matter what “stage” of the relationship you’re in; memories are made every day!
  • Write him a series of letters that he will open at key moments throughout the next year. Think sentimentally and he’ll melt for you all over again.

For the “Adventurous Man”:  Let’s say those thousand little pictures of you two are hidden all over town, and your man has to go search them out. Does that sound more like your other half? The adventurous man would rather “do” than “receive”.  Give him something to do! Be a little mysterious. Don’t let him know what you’re doing! He’ll love your creativity and it will provide you both with some fun, as well!

  • Make a puzzle: match the picture with a significant “moment” in your relationship.
  • A scavenger hunt: Put some cute little gifts at significant places and give him clues of where to go!
  • Make a mad lib of your relationship and have him fill in the blanks. It will provide you with at least an hour of entertainment.

Now, if you actually want to cut out a thousand tiny little pictures and put them on a decoupage wall, be my guest.  But just know that it isn’t really the stuff that your significant other wants; it’s your time, thought, and attention. Happy Valentine’s Day!