My Pants No Longer Fit

Guess what? The five wives are expanding again. Remember when Kylee had baby Mae? And Jaci had baby Max? Well, I am so excited to announce that Nick and I are expecting our little sweetheart in August!

Baby Announcement

As I’ve looked back on my time here at Marriage Matters Jackson, I’ve realized just how much Nick and my relationship has grown. We started out dating, got engaged, got married, and are now expecting our first child in the five years I’ve been working at MMJ. Our relationship has certainly run the gamut!

As I’ve discussed before, I’ve always wanted to be a wife and mommy, and now that I’m officially being promoted to mommy status, I have a confession. I’m scared to death. Already, the doubts and fears have crept in: what if something goes wrong during pregnancy and delivery? What if I’m not a good mom? What if Nick and I forget to make time for our relationship and all of our conversations revolve around the baby? What if I use disposable diapers instead of cloth- am I going to feel guilty that they will stay in a landfill for 500 years?

These are the questions (and many, many more) that haunt me at night. Thankfully, my husband has been AMAZING at talking to me about my fears and calming me down. While I know this is going to be both the most challenging and most wonderful time in our marriage, I am so thankful to be on this journey with him at this time in our lives.

I also know that these fears are pretty common in pregnant women. So, if you have any words of wisdom, I would love to hear them!