Olympic Sized Love: David Wise-Beyond-His-Years



Ok, the Winter Olympics have been a little bit of a snooze fest for me this year. I admire these people for all the hard work they put in and I love to see what the host country puts on for a show. This year Russia kept me entertained with their lack of preparedness when everyone got there. Funny pics and stories from hotels unfinished and elevators stuck held my attention at first. But after that died down, I got a little bored. Until I see this adorable face flash on the screen as they introduce a new sport to the Olympics- Freestyle Skiing. David Wise, this cutie that I can’t imagine is much older than 15 or so, is mentioned as being married with a baby. I had to Google him immediately for more information.  Sure enough he is 23 years old, has been married since 2011 and had a daughter the year after they married. He and his wife are so cute together! She had a giant blown up picture of their daughter made that she could wave in Sochi to cheer him on. 


This guy has won the X-Games 3 times and the adrenaline junkie nature of that sport doesn’t make you think of a home and family lifestyle. But he makes it work and I LOVE it! David has to travel a lot so he picks up a heart shaped rock from everywhere he goes to bring back to his wife. CAN YOU STAND IT?! Now that’s the kind of example we should be holding up in books, TV, and movies for our kids. He’s cool and committed. He’s rad in his relationship. He’s stoked about his sweetie. Bring on the slang superlatives!


David’s wife brought a rock from their home in Reno, NV to Sochi and gave it to him as a piece of home. He kept it in his pocket and won gold! Seriously, that’s movie worthy stuff.  I love his outlook on balancing family and his sport. He says, “Win, lose, or fall, my family is always there for me.”  That almost makes it easier because he ski’s with less pressure since he has already won at home.


I love that someone that young is showing everyone that being married and into your family is what SHOULD be the norm!


Win, lose, or FALL in this gnarly world, a healthy family is the greatest support system of them all!