Call me, maybe.

Outdated man's phone

The last time I was single and dating, it was the 1900’s. There was no internet, no cell phones and the term “text” was a noun, not a verb. Cheers was ending an 11 year run on TV and on the radio we were jamming to rap anthem, “Whoomp! (There It Is)”. The last time I was dating, I had to pick up an actual land line (connected to the wall in the case of my avocado green kitchen phone) and dial ‘one’ before calling my boyfriend. Oh how times have changed!

Now people can go online, set up a profile with all kinds of information about themselves and be algorithmically matched to their soul mate. Even if couples today meet in person, they can run to a computer, tablet or phone and quickly “google” (the verb, not the eyes) their new friend to find out all sorts of things about them. Thanks to Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, we can discover where they live and work, what their music preferences are and of course, we can see those not-so-flattering photos of their crazy high school and college antics presented in full color. Then this new couple exchanges a text or two and the date is set. What happened to staying up all night talking on the phone? What happened to handwritten love letters? I still have the ones my husband & I exchanged during our courtship, but ok, maybe I’m old fashioned. I really wonder though, what does all of this technological change mean for dating? Time will tell, but the short answer according to the experts-it’s changing the way people date. Especially for kids.

Think about a 15 year old boy today. He has never known life without the internet and can master a tablet or cell phone without a single instruction. At school he hears, “text me” instead of “call me” and is in the minority if he does not have a top of the line cell phone with a generous data plan, Instagram account and Facebook page. How will kids today learn the nuances of socializing and ultimately dating if they rarely have conversations with one another?

With or without technology, dating is tricky business. Thankfully there is a path that will lead to successful relationships. Books like PICK a Partner: How to Avoid Falling for a Jerk or Jerkette and 10 Great Dates BEFORE You Say I Do offer wonderful insight and instruction on how to be a better boyfriend or girlfriend and what a healthy relationship should look like. Feel free to borrow either book from our MMJ library. Text me if you want to reserve a copy!