Sing it, Aretha!


This past weekend, Nick and I attended Weekend to Remember, a marriage retreat sponsored through Family Life.

Respect Blog Post

While the entire weekend and all of the breakout topics were fantastic, Nick and I both agreed that one of the most valuable sessions was when they split the men and women into separate rooms and discussed topics specifically relevant to each gender.

During the Woman to Woman break out session, the speaker went over the roles and responsibilities that women have as a wife and mother. Again, all of the information was great, but the section that really resonated with me the most was the area of RESPECT. The main point of the session being that a strong woman demonstrates love for her husband by respecting and supporting him.

Every man has a longing and desire for his wife’s respect and support. But often in marriage, we feel that respect has to earned. That is, we will show respect to our husbands if they act in a way that is respectable. But the point they made was this: respect is a choice to receive your husband in spite of his weaknesses. Don’t just give him respect when he’s respectable, but all of the time. Remember, your husband can do with your encouragement what he can’t do without.

During and after the session, I began to think about Nick. I just assumed I showed him respect, because I felt respect toward him. But what about those times when he does something that rubs me the wrong way? Do I still communicate respect to him? Well, no. Sometimes I play the petty card. His clothes can’t seem to find the hamper and end up on the floor? Fine- I’ll just leave them there and they can find their own way to the washer. But what about those times when he gets up early and starts my car for me so that I don’t have to do it? Do I return the favor? Sure, I’ll tell him thank you, but am I really communicating to him my appreciation and respect?

The speaker urged us to ask our husbands if we really communicate respect toward them. So now, I’m urging you, wives- go home tonight and ask your husband these two questions:

1. What communicates respect to you?
2. What do I do that shows disrespect to you?

You may be surprised by the answer, but your husband will be thankful!