Spice-Up March Madness

Figuring it outI’m really living up to my blog handle (CoachKy).  Two sports-related posts in a row!

This Sunday marks the start of my husband’s favorite holiday: Selection Sunday and the beginning of March Madness.  His favorite part is definitely the first week of play. There are what seems like a million games and there’s high drama with close games, unlikely upsets and favorite teams doing well and/or tanking.

Each year, we both sit down and watch the Selection Sunday program.  The commentators give their input towards what teams will be tough to beat, who are sleeper teams and who has the toughest match-ups in the early games.  I like to watch the teams reaction when their names are called.  Somehow I feel it’s an indicator of their attitude towards the Big Dance.

After the selection process is over, we fill-out our brackets.  We both take our time and research some and guess on others.  And we have fun gloating and commiserating as the month progresses.

But maybe you don’t love March Madness with Miller intensity.  There is still fun to be had with bracketology and your spouse.

I did a quick (but not thorough) Google search for blank brackets.  I found this one with 16 entries.  I felt that was a safe number to start with.  Mind you, there may be better ones out there, but for the sake of making my blog deadline, it will have to do.

Now that we have your official bracket, you’ll need to come-up with topics, Here’s a few ideas

  • List your favorite meals.  Maybe add a few recipe’s you’d like to try.  Pair the entries how you see fit.  Over the course of 16 days to a month (ain’t no way I’m cooking 16 days in a row), have the head-to-head competitions.  The whole family can be involved!  It would interest me to compare brackets when it’s all said and done.
  • How about restaurants that you’ve talked about trying but just haven’t stepped out your comfort zone to pull the trigger yet?  Include out-of-town places, too!
  • Every place I’ve lived (I’m up to 6 cities, now), it’s been my mission to find the area’s best burger.  Maybe it’s pizza, or omelette or steak that tickles your fancy.  p.s.  If you ever find yourself in Bartlesville, Oklahoma, you MUST stop at Goldie’s.  You won’t be sorry.
  • Can you tell it’s almost lunchtime as I’m writing?  How about some non-food related ideas?  If you’re like my husband and me, we dream each year about what we’d like to do with the house.  Come-up with some projects and slowly eliminate down to this summer’s plan.
  • How about a big vacation?  Or this year’s Spring Break destination?
  • Maybe you’re in a similar situation like my friend, Liza.  She and her hubby and in the middle of trying to name their unborn baby.  They could maybe turn their effort into baby name bracket!  From what I can tell, they’ll probably need more than 16 entries to start their bracket.
  • How about media?  Maybe the best book-into-movie contest?  Or best date movie?  How about the best summer block-buster movie? Or best make-out song (that might be fun during the elimination round).
  • You could determine your favorite quality about each other!
  • And I wouldn’t be doing MMJ any favors without suggesting a date-night bracket.  In fact, I made one for you.  Click here and call the sitter!

Good luck and may the best team/restaurant/movie/destination win!