business woman sitting on a chairYesterday morning, my girl was in her highchair eating breakfast and I was by the fridge throwing lunches together.  She got my attention, pointed to a kitchen table chair and said, “Sit”.  I obeyed.  I had been on my annual “just me” vacation and like Mae, I too, was craving time together.  I was a little late for work that day since my routine was interrupted, but not only did my amazing coworkers and boss understand, they knew.

Starting back to pregnancy, I remember so many people telling me to enjoy every moment, because the time flies and babes grow so quickly.  After my girl’s simple command/request, I started thinking that maybe it isn’t the kids growing fast, but parents moving too fast.  Most days feel like a whirlwind from home to daycare to work to daycare to home.  It’s a constant rinse-and-repeat of preparing meals, bath time, bed time and getting her up 10 short hours later–oh and toss work, my hubby and an occasional activity outside the home in there, too.

I appreciated the simple instruction to sit.  I’ve been told to sit before.   But my daughter’s simple, not-angry, accusing or frustrated tone really made me stop and think.  I always seem to be multitasking–including the quality time I should be spending solely with my family.  My husband deserves my full and direct attention.  Clutter can wait, his daily recap will be different tomorrow.  The bills aren’t going anywhere and be done while I “watch” TV after the girl goes to bed, this princess puzzle isn’t going to put itself together.

So when you get home tonight, tell the Mr. the best and worst part of your day–sincerely ask about his.  Hold his hand and give him your undivided attention.  Play with dolly’s or build a racetrack.  Be present and not flitting from one project or mess to another.

Just, “Sit”.