What Happens in Vegas…

Image of beautiful Las Vegas city at night

Have you ever had three date nights…in a row?   Last week I had the opportunity to do just that. At our best, the hubby and I can usually fit in one or two date nights a month, so last week when I was lucky enough to tag along on his business trip to Las Vegas, I was thrilled. Besides the sheer volume of a three date night week, the real treat was connecting with my hubby without all of the usual distractions.

I knew work was covered by my amazing MMJ peeps, and the Pelletier posse was in the very capable hands of Abby Salsa (aka Grandma). We ate what we wanted, talked about things other than bills and kids, and just spent time in the moment. Even when we missed our bus back to the hotel…twice in one night…we still had a good time.

We also got to, how do I put this delicately, enjoy each other outside of dinner. Don’t worry, those details will stay in Vegas where they belong, I only mention it because every married couple needs quality intimate time as a couple. Research tells us that in-laws, kids, household responsibilities, money and sex are the biggest stressors in marriage which is why MMJ is bringing in a “sexpert” next month. “What’s a sexpert?” you might ask. It’s a counselor who specializes in sex & intimacy. There are highs and lows for all couples in this area and our sexpert will teach us new ways to spice up the old routine. As with everything MMJ, it will be a fun evening to connect with your sweetie and get some great tips for turning up the heat!

So if you’re looking for a great way to spend your next date night, join us on Thursday, May 29th at The Commonwealth Commerce Center in downtown Jackson at 7:00p.m. And don’t worry…what happens at Commonwealth stays at Commonwealth!

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