Graduating Without an MRS Degree

Here’s a blast from the past! With graduation looming around the corner for so many, this could be a timely reminder.

The 5 Wives

As of today, May 10 th , my husband and I have received 3 graduation and 7 wedding invitations.  This is a personal high for us.  Since both of us work with college students, I imagine this record will eventually be broken <shudder>.  Fortunately, I recently sold my first item on eBay.  Perhaps more of our-trash/someone-else’s-treasure can finance all of these occasions.

This weekend as I was preparing a card for one of the weddings, I remembered back to when I was the same age.  As a senior in college, I had been dating a guy for about 6 months, and thought he was ‘the one’.

He wasn’t.

I was dumped about 5 months before I graduated.  I was terrified.  I had convinced myself that I was doomed because, logically, after you graduate from college, you immediately get married and start working on ‘happily ever after’.  This delusion seemed intensified…

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