This Father’s Day, Thanks For Loving Your Wife

My husband’s father died last week at age 85. As my husband says “he was ready.” His wife had died 8 years early, and this year he had become very sick. He had 8 children and each had a chance to care for him and say goodbye. I am really proud of marrying into a family who loved their dad so much.

What really struck me was how much comfort the family took in believing their parents would now be together again. Despite their mother’s death several years ago, their parents marriage never ended in the eyes of their children and grandchildren. “Grandpa is going to be happy with Grandma now” was a phrase I heard a lot this past week. Regardless of your spiritual beliefs, I think it says something profound that people want their mom and dad (and grandpa and grandma) to be together forever.

This father’s day, I want to thank all the fathers and grandfathers that helped build a legacy of strong marriage, the love you’ve shown your wife will go on for generations. And I send a special note to the father of my children … honey I am so thankful that your Mom and Dad raised such a good man. And I believe they are together again.