Legacy of Love

Today is my in-law’s 36 year wedding anniversary. Aren’t they precious?!

David & JanellI absolutely adore my in-laws and have always been thankful for the way they have welcomed me into the Foley family. In fact, they were a big part of how I knew Nick was “the one.” As the old saying goes, you don’t just marry the person, you marry the family too. And I knew if I were to marry Nick, I would be blessed to have his family as my family. I have always appreciated the legacy of their marriage, which they have passed down to their children. You know they’ve provided a good example when their kids say, “I want to have a marriage like my mom and dad’s.”

So, in honor of their big day, I decided to share five things I have learned from their relationship.

  1. Have your own interests and hobbies. My mother-in-law, Janell, is an avid line-dancer and will go out with her girlfriends at least once a week to go dancing. Likewise, my father-in-law, David, has been on a bowling league for years and Thursday nights are reserved for his team. I love how they each have their own interests and I think it makes them appreciate their time together more.
  2. Be friends. Not only do my in-laws love one another, but by watching them interact you can tell they genuinely like one another. While this may seem like a no-brainer, it makes me sad to admit how many couples I have seen that act as if they can’t stand to be around one another. As I mentioned above, I think it’s important to have your own interests and hobbies, but it’s equally important to be able to have similar interests and things you enjoy doing together. My in-laws really do enjoy spending time together laughing and talking.
  3. Show affection. This one may be more important to me than to others because my love language is touch, but I love that my in-laws, after 36 years of marriage, still enjoy holding hands, embracing one another, and sneaking kisses when they think nobody is looking.
  4. Speak highly of one another and never put the other one down. My in-laws are so complimentary to one another, especially when talking to other people. They choose to encourage one another and be each other’s biggest cheerleaders, rather than to criticize.
  5. Choose to be young at any age. One of the priorities in the Foley family is having a good time, so my in-laws infuse fun into everything they do. We have a blast when we all get together, whether it’s on Sunday nights for family dinner, or taking a road-trip together on the Foley bus. That’s right, they own a bus! In fact, they recently upgraded to this fine beauty and I can’t wait until we take the first trip together.Foley BusThere are so many other great qualities about my in-laws: their generosity, their welcoming nature, what a great job they did raising their children (including my wonderful husband), what great grandparents they are… the list goes on and on. But what I appreciate the most is the legacy they have passed down to my own marriage. Nick and I are so lucky to have such great role models to emulate what a marriage should look like and I will forever be grateful. I can only hope to set the same example for my children and our greatest legacy will be if they hope to emulate our marriage, as well.