Marriage & Moving: Here’s How It’s Done

One of the best parts of my job is working with some fabulous marriage role models. Take my friend, Kylee, who just sold her house and will be leaving MMJ soon (insert tears here from all of us). She is moving to Illinois to be with her husband who is already working at his new job out of state. She is not new to moving across the country, but still she says this move is a hard one because she loves Michigan and the people here.

Mark, Kylee and Mae with sold signWhen her husband first told her he had a better opportunity in another state, she spent a few days very sad and, admittedly also a little mad, at the situation. Then, she stopped and quickly moved on. I watched while Kylee got to work at packing her stuff, planning her move, and changing her attitude to “let’s make this work for our family.” She may have had days where she felt overwhelmed, but her smile was back in place and she went to work at trying to make things go smoothly for her family.

She could have easily stayed stuck in resentment or regret but instead she put all her effort into reconnecting the family as soon as possible. As she said to me once “this living apart thing is for the birds.” As much as she loves it here, nothing is as appealing to her as being with her husband wherever he goes.

I will miss Kylee for so many reasons, but witnessing her devotion to her husband and her daughter are on the top of the list (followed closely by a fantastic sense of humor and a humble heart). Goodbye, Kylee. Illinois is lucky to have your family coming to town.

Kylee worked for MMJ from 2009 to 2014 in a variety of critical positions, including writing for the 5 Wives Blog. Look for an upcoming email announcing key staff changes and a new blog name (it’s not just wives we have on staff anymore!)